How would you like to see the Windows UI evolve?

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How would you like to see the Windows UI evolve?

Post by hougtimo »

This has been the topic of a few conversations I have had recently. Everyone has a different idea of how they want the Windows Interface to go.

I'm really interested to see how people on here would like Aero to develop.

I personally love Aero and would like to see it freshened up a bit maybe with Vista SP2 (or similar) - more polished. I have prepared some screenshots of how I would like to see AERO ending up.

Although this picture has a Longhorn style Start button, I don't mind the orb. This picture mainly reffers to the transparency on the taskbar.

Again, I would love to see the glass toasts return. Sure they can be replicated at the moment, but it would be great to have them "built in"

Bigger thumbnails from the taskbar. I find the standard size too small to properly see whats running!

This sort of thing was Demo'd while Longhorn was in development. Again, I would like to see this in Vista.

I prefer these window borders. They look classier & more polised than Vista's standard

The shots below are mockups that I did over a year ago now, showing the sort of thing I'd like to see in Windows 7+



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Post by Carl »

That looks really nice .
The glass toast should be full glass and a bit smaller, I think. You're completely right on the thumbnails. Sometimes they even just show the icon of the program xD.
The explorer should also be more Aero'ed.

Those last 3 screen shots remind me of an idea I had a couple weeks ago: The ability to put some shortcuts and information into the Flip 3D .
Is there actually a place from Microsoft where you can post/mail suggestions like this for the next Windows (7)?


Post by Edootjuh »

What I'd really like to see is something like the Longhorn Sidebar, back in Vista or 7. I'm using this sidebar: full time now, and I couldn't live without it.
It's really an extension to the system tray. Information that matters to you, always there when you need it.


Post by hounsell »

Yeh, I've used that from time to time. It's definitely useful, and I prefer it to the standard sidebar.


Post by Banisher »

@ pic2: I think the border is a bit too thick, would look better if it only had a small one.

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