Problem With Whistler Build 2211

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Problem With Whistler Build 2211

Post by Dukenukem4 »

I tried installing Whistler Build 2211 today, But It keeps given me the follwing error: An Error has been encountered that setup from continuing. Setup failed to install the product catalogs. This is a fatal error. The setup log files should contain more information. Please Help ME!

Ensign Joe
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Post by Ensign Joe »

Isn't this the case when you forget to set back your clock a certain amount of time?

Try to set your clock back to 1999 oder 2000 or so.

But don't know if this is the specific error where you need to do this.

But have it a try

Rob Jansen
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Post by Rob Jansen »

Set in the BIOS date to 11/03/2000 and then start the VM again to restart setup.


Post by Dukenukem4 »

It works now. Thanks. Topic can be closed or not.

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