Windows NT 3.50 OEM Compaq CD Bootable

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Windows NT 3.50 OEM Compaq CD Bootable

Post by backtofuture »

reading this link:

says a Compaq OEM version is Bootable

I downloaded the PDF: ... 4669-1.pdf

I went to read the document and it says this:

The following steps outline the server initialization process using the Setup
program included with the Windows NT Server 3.5 from Compaq CD.
1. Shutdown the Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1 server and restart it
using Windows NT Server 3.5 from Compaq CD.
2. The Windows NT from Compaq Welcome to Setup screen displays,
press Enter when prompted to install Windows NT.
3. The next Setup screen provides options to install Windows NT
Workstation and Windows NT Server.
Press the S key on the next screen to select Install the Server system.
4. Insert the program license diskette and press Enter.
5. When prompted enter your Windows NT Activation Key and
press Enter.

in fact it just talks about inserting the CD, it doesn't talk about Floppy.
does anyone have this version or have ever seen it?
do you think it is possible?
to date it is the only version that failed to make bootable

Fanta Shokata
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Re: Windows NT 3.50 OEM Compaq CD Bootable

Post by Fanta Shokata »

If it was possible, then it would have been the earliest bootable Windows NT CD.
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