Windows XP Build 2562 [Polish] screenshot

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Daniel wrote:
gracz54 wrote:Maybe 2 branches? I don't know.

It can also be possible that my friend is playing a joke on me, but I can't prove that in any way until I'll get him to give me an ISO of the CD.
Umm, I have never seen a non-english Windows XP/Whistler build before RTM. So its quite incredibly. Also there are several sources who are saying that 2542 was the last build before 2545 was forked to 2600...
There is XP RC1/2 German / Japanese.... Got both german versions here on original cd's.

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could you please rip the German CDs to ISOs and upload them?

Please, please, please
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As I said before, I don't have Windows Betas.

The only beta I reported to have a Portuguese-Brazil version was a Chicago build (490?).

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