How to use Win 3.1 display driver for Win 95 for CGA display

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How to use Win 3.1 display driver for Win 95 for CGA display

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Hi Guys, this is my first post here, hopefully I am in the right place.

I'm working on a project to get my vintage Compaq Portable 386 to run windows 95.

I've managed to get Windows 95 running on it with an external display through a VGA display card with no problems, but I would also like to get Windows 95 running on it's internal CGA display.

I detailed my process and the results at Vogons here, but did not get any suggestions to see what else to try:

Basically, Windows 3.1 has native driver support for the Compaq Portable 386's display. I then tried to install the Windows 95 upgrade version in the hopes that the display driver from Windows 3.1 would be used in Windows 95. During the install process it seemed to work, but there was some strange display artifacting with vertical stripes making only half the display visible after the "detecting system configuration" phase of the installation. However after the installation process and the first boot to windows, the screen just flickers rapidly for about 10 seconds then error messages about user.exe, then showing a reset computer message (see link above for details)

Any ideas? maybe I have to make some custom edits to some windows inf files during setup? The resolution of the Compaq Portable 386 is 640 × 400 in CGA, not 640 by 480 - maybe that is causing a problem? Appreciate any help, thanks!!

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