Chicago BETA Build 480 [Solved]

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Chicago BETA Build 480 [Solved]

Post by Danielxv »

I made download of the “Chicago BETA Build 480.rar” but it asks to insert the CD or Disc 1.


The CD (iso) already is in drive but it continues asking to insert CD or Disc 1.

Ty DjRob
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Rob Jansen
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Post by Rob Jansen »

Copy the installation files to a folder on the c:\ drive.

Use the windows collection book how to install windows 95 (and betas of 95) for the how-to (without DOS)

With dos:
1) install DOS 6.22
2) make dir win95 or chicago on c:
3) Boot with cd-rom drivers or bootable floppy with cd-rom drivers
4) use this command:
copy D:\win95 C:\win95
(where D:\ is your cd-rom drive and C:\Win95 is your directory on the HD)
5) and then from C:\Win95 start setup.exe and install as normal.

The error states that you must put the .iso in the floppy drive (that cant)
So to avoid this use the above install trick.
(use this for all chicago and windows 95)
That is for easy use and no cd-rom drive error after first reboot.


Post by WinPC »

There's also an update to Build 950 R6 in this package if you want to try it.

First, extract the whole package to your hard drive. Then, copy all the files with the ".inf" extension to the Win95 folder (or any other folder where the Chicago Build 480 Setup files are located). Then, copy all the files with the ".txt" extension other than readme.txt into the same folder. Then, install Chicago Build 480. Also, you need to copy the User.exe and User32.dll files into the SYSTEM directory, the DRVSPACE.BIN file to to the root directory of the C: Drive, and one more file into the help directory (This file is part of the Tour applet). The folder where these files are contained is called "Updates". There is also a Readme.txt file with instructions on how to install this update. You should look at it for more information.

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Post by MugenFox »

Wouldn't an upgrade from Windows 3.1 be better or is it required for you to have the diskette. I'm having this problem too and I want to resolve it on Virtual PC.
Thanks in advance

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Post by Bender »

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