Can we still update older versions of Windows?

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Can we still update older versions of Windows?

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I just installed Windows ME on a Dell Inspiron 7500 Laptop that I have (and for once, this OS is running quite nicely), and I am aware that this OS is no longer supported as of June or July of last year. My question is has anyone else had issues with updating their older OS's? I noticed that for the past 4 or 5 months, I can't update Windows through their update site, it gives me some sort of error or just freezes at 0% when "Checking Available Updates". I thought maybe the browser was just out of date, so I udated to IE 6 (SP1), but still no go. Is there some place I can grab the updates/hotfixes without going through the Windows Update site? I've googled everywhere, but I can't seem to find anything. Thanks for the help.
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Well last year I was able to update Windows NT 4 (which isn't supported for quite awhile) without any problems (after upgrading to SP6 of course). Since NT 4 uses a different, older Windows Update site you should be fine.

Now more relavant, usually when updating 98/ME (last year, so still supported) some times it will fail, be stuck on 66%. It even crashed the system once.

So I guess try again...

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Post by ___ »

im sure you can still update it, but there are no more new updates


Post by Kanashi »

(Un)official updates, service packs and whatnot for WinME and other versions can be found over at the MSFN forums.

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Kanashi wrote:(Un)official updates, service packs and whatnot for WinME and other versions can be found over at the MSFN forums.
becareful with those, it may not work that way it's intended for

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I like those update packs. I'm using an UpdatePack for my dads Win98 SE PC and it runs smooth. With a generic USB driver you can also use usb devices without installing seperate drivers
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I think MS will shut down the Windows Update server for the version of Windows that is no longer support by Microsoft when they have new version of Windows! You are better to download all the updates and store it into your PC, if you re-install your Windows ME, you can apply the updates off-line.


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The oldest versions which can be updated using Windows Update are 95 and NT4.

NT3.51 and WFW3.11 (and older) show a message saying "this website only works with Windows operating systems".

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