How to OEM Win9x/ME

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The Distractor

How to OEM Win9x/ME

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1) On technician computer (running any version of windows Win95/NT4+) insert Windows CD, open command prompt, cd into:

\admin folder on cd (Win95,95OSR1,2,2.1,2.5)
\tools\admin folder on cd (Win98/98SE/ME)

BTW this has to be full cd, not just the Windows CABS.

2) Run:

mkcwrt.exe /C /C mkcwrt.bat <cdromdriveletter>: <folderforextractedfiles>

3) After all files are extracted on the Windows-CD, go into extracted-files folder and run:


4) Go through the wizard-steps. In Win98/98SE/ME, there's documentation & a help-file, on Win95, there's a help-file only.

5) Put a blank floppy in the floppy-drive. Run:

mkpbf <name> A:

6) After the floppy has been created, take the Windows-CD & PBF-Floppy to the PC to install Windows on. Boot the PC up with the floppy & Windows-CD in the drive. If it errors out saying an OS is already installed... do an

oformat c: /q

and reboot.

7) When it tells you to remove the floppy and hit enter, do so.

8) The CAB files will copy among others and Windows will install without command, so go somewhere and do stuff while it installs (or be like me & watch it).

9) At the Windows-Desktop, install drivers & apps. If it needs a reboot, say no and either:

On Win98/98SE/ME: hit Audit Boot on the OEM Window.

On Win95: Reboot normally and hit no on the box that appears (to do with oeming obviously)

10) After youve done the final install & reboot, be sure to take the CD or floppy in the drive out and hit Shutdown on the audit-window. DO NOT TURN IT ON UNTIL YOU WANT TO DO THE PART OF THE END-USER!

11) After turning it back on, go through either the Windows-Setup wizard (Win95/98), or OOBE (also known as Windows Welcome, appears in Win98SE/ME).

12) You'll be at the Windows Desktop. Windows has been installed & OEMed, good day to you.

Instructions Made by T_D After Testing Stuff on his Test PC.....

UPDATE 23-02-2007: After getting a full ISO of OEM Windows ME (I only had OEM CABS of ME before I got the ISO), I try and OEM it. I fail on Step 4. Apparently the Preinstallation Wizard (OPKWiz.exe) errors out when you run it if IE5.x is not installed on the technician PC. I have found a way round this. Open regedit, browse to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer .
In the value 'Version' and 'W2kVersion' change the first digit to a 5 . Run OPKWiz which will run. Change the Version and W2kVersion back. If the key and/or strings do not exist, create them (String Value for Version & W2kVersion) & put in for the Value '5.0.0000.0000' in both of them.

Hmm... so not only is WinME buggy, you have to edit the Registry (if the technician computer is not running IE5.x) to OEM it!
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wow! nice tutorial! i saved it

I will test it tommorow

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Sysprep, old school

Also somebody should create an MSBATCH (unattended) tutorial.

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