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 PostPost subject: DOS (and some 3.1) resource links        Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 6:15 am 
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Thu Aug 24, 2006 6:28 pm

I'm posting this topic to keep track of all of the DOS resources I've found, and so others can share their resources with the rest of us.

Please share any drivers you find (preferably Windows 3.1 drivers that have a .dos file, these are the easiest to include).

Best DOS resources: (Archive of Wengier's DOS 7.1 page, provided by Myself and hosted by another)

DOS Forums: (Very active DOS Forum) (not as much about DOS, but some good info)

DOS PnP: (large database of PCI device ID's) (another large database of PCI device ID's) (large database of PCI device ID's with drivers) (ISA Configuration Utility)

DOS USB: (topic about USB 2.0 drivers for DOS) (topic about USB drivers for DOS) (topic about USB drivers for DOS) (topic about USB drivers for DOS) ( topic on DOS USB drivers) (some guides on net setup, USB info, benchmark util) (More DOS USB info) ... rs-for-dos (Inquirer USB DOS article)

DOS Drivers: (MSCDEX replacement as well as DOS CD virtualization tools) (Google search for DOS drivers) (Info about Bart's Netboot Disk) (DOS SoundBlaster Live) (Bart's CD Bootdisk) ... =Translate (Russian website with drivers, utilities, games - including great classics) (How to set up net on dos) (jo.sys - boots from hard drive instead of CD if key not pressed)

DOS Memory: (MDGX page with lots of UMBPCI info, also DOS video acceleration info) (MDGX page with memory optimization info) ... pView.aspx (Bit of info about DOSMAX) ... memory.txt (info about memory optimization) (really useful utilities to speed up DOS, some for compatibility and some sys utils) ... memory.php (Optimizing DOS Memory) (Info about DOS memory and drivers) (Couple articles about optimization)

DOS Utilities: (Hard Drive Utilities) (MDGX page with lots of DOS utilities, links to other DOS software collections) (DOS Anti-Virus Programs) (Bootable CD Utilities, good for multiple OS on one disk) (DOS util archive, has CD God Disk) (Article with info about DOS recovery and sys utils) (Random official DOS utilities) (Some UNIX based DOS utilities) (DOS Batch Tools)

DOS Programs: (Page with utilities, drivers, and lots of programs) (Lightspeed's page with some DOS, mostly 3.1 software, links to collections) (directory of LOTS of DOS programs, including batch file info, bootup/system utilities, drivers...) (Dale Harris's POS Cash Register Program) (DOS CD Writing Program) (DVD playback program, 1 hour for 1 minute of playback) ... ctory.html (DOS math software)

DOS Games:

Windows 3.1: (MDGX Win3.1 resource page) (Windows 3.1 Video Drivers) ... video.html (Windows 3.1 Video Drivers) (Windows 3.1 Printer Drivers) (Various Windows Drivers) (Windows 3.1 32-bit HD access) ... 15017.html (Windows 3.1 Terminal Services something or another) (Maxim's 3.1 Resources) (Some Windows 3.1 Codecs) (Microsoft Software Library Excerpts) (Windows 3.1 Programs, Utilities, & drivers) (Windows 3.1 & DOS drivers (3.1 link directory) (3.1 Software) (3.1 Software, utilities, and updates) (Win32s Compatibility List) (3.1 Programs)

Misc: (Network booting info) ... sung/win3/ (Archive listing of some files, including pendos) (Slow-loading french site, lots of OS downloads, plus games, drivers)

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 PostPost subject:        Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 6:03 pm 
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Your are a mind reader, good sir. I need this stuff to help me set up my dos partition on my laptop and my "brand new" IBM XT Personal Computer. Thanks :D

 PostPost subject:        Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 6:07 pm 
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Tue Aug 05, 2008 1:46 pm


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Cool list! But why don't move it to public servers?


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