The IBM Basic, Version A3.40 ( from OS/2)

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The IBM Basic, Version A3.40 ( from OS/2)

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This is what I have been up to over the last two days.


It's from IBM DOS 4, modified to replicate the one that ships with OS/2. It's running in a Windows 2K window on a clone: ie it is been de-IBM'ed. As with the DOS5/OS2 versions, this has rombasic attached. Unlike these versions, the rombasic actually works.

One should note that the only difference between versions 4.00 and 3.40 is the version number and the copyright. Vers 4 says "Version A4.00 Copyright IBM Corp. 1981, 1988" on line 2, and does not have ROMBASIC attached. Vers 3.40 is different: which see.

Tools used: Wendy

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Post by RentedMule »

Basica was the first development tool I bought. It took a whole summer of allowance to purchase, but it was worth it, because then I could write applications/games without giving out the source code!

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