Windows/286 1.03?

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Windows/286 1.03?

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These Windows All-In-One DVDs are filled with a lot of interesting stuff.

Recently I found something called "Windows 1.03 for 286" on Windows All-In-One DVD. After an hour trying to make NT read 360 KB floppies (still didn't manage to do it, ended up using WinImage which easily opened these EXEs like any other floppy) I got the files out.

Here's the download link: ... S.rar/file

I put both the 286 version and standard version from the same source in folders with the same name. The original EXEs are there too.

Is it fake or real?
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Re: Windows/286 1.03?

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IIRC, the "286 version" was just a mislabeled Zenith OEM edition of 1.03, which is already in the BA FTP.

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