MS-DOS 7 Beta?

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MS-DOS 7 Beta?

Post by vlad557776 »


Yeah, still me finding some interesting stuff at the Internet.

Today, I found some DOS 7 Beta diskette images on a Windows All-In-One DVD. They are EXE files, which writes some files on a 1.44MB floppy.

I created some floppies using WinImage, then wrote files on them. But I ran into a problem - the diskettes are unbootable, so I can't test them.
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I hate DOS for letting me start the Setup only if I boot from the floppy.
Anyways, here's the link to my images: ... a.rar/file
The developer of Win1 Packet - ... 59&t=40233
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Re: MS-DOS 7 Beta?

Post by Battler »

I looked at the floppy images just now - this is one of the known fakes, made from files from one of the leaked Chicago builds (I forgot which now).
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Re: MS-DOS 7 Beta?

Post by ComputerHunter »

Made using files from Chicago 58s. You need IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS and COMMAND.COM on the same disk, IO.SYS being the first file, followed by MSDOS.SYS to boot.

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Re: MS-DOS 7 Beta?

Post by xelloss »

Is MS-DOS 7 Beta even known to have existed at some point in history?
I'm not talking about the project itself being developed, which seems likely, but an actual release to testers.
It feels nearly impossible that no betas of such an important product, released at a time when the Internet was already relatively common, have survived.
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Re: MS-DOS 7 Beta?

Post by os2fan2 »

There is a thread here on MS-DOS 7 beta, with such things as a task-manager and shell. But it never became widespread. The only known betas are to be found in chicago betas, which are effectively windows loaders.

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