MS-DOS 5 install problems

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MS-DOS 5 install problems

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I wanted to install MS-DOS 5 from 1.44 MB floppy's, i have opened the image file, changed format to 1.44 MB, and writed the floppy's.

Everything goes good, setup starts, partition, format, copy files from first disk,
then insert second disk,
put it in and pressed enter, but PLEASE INSERT DISK 2 dialog comes again, but when i put in the 1.44MB floppy image its working great
then setup askes for Disk 3 (tried the REAL floppy, 1.44MB) and that works great also (like disk 1).

Does anybody know why disk 2 isnt fetched?.

I will try to copy the files from disk 2 to 1 and change the setup.ini to read from disk 1 and 3 and not 2.

I checked the disk but no bad sectors, the disk is fine and the image if fine.
In case you ask, i use a USB-Floppy (my build-in floppy doesnt work anymore)

The trick with disk 1 and 2 together didnt work.

But i have an Packerd Bell MS-DOS 5 (wich comes with 2 disks, but its in dutch and need the english one for Windows 1.01)


Post by Dion »

The label of each floppy is what setup looks for during installation, much like
later bootdisks looking for tag files, does your disks have the correct floppy label assigned
to them.

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