Windows 1.0 Premiere Edition box real?

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Windows 1.0 Premiere Edition box real?

Post by ComputerHunter »

Hi, I found a picture of Windows 1.0 Premiere Edition on my hard drive. I don't have the source where I got it from (as always, yes I am spreading fakes... again).


I want to know if it is real or fake as only one copy of Premiere Edition ever surfaced but the disks in my photo looks real.

I have nothing else to say because what ever that is from my hard drive and when ever when I ask something is real or not, I will get hundreds of questions. Look at it and please don't question me, I know nothing about this image but I suspect it was emailed to be by a friend.

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Re: Windows 1.0 Premiere Edition box real?

Post by Overdoze »

The photo appears to have been first posted in this topic.
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