Windows 3.1 Supported Real Mode!

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Windows 3.1 Supported Real Mode!

Post by Kenneth »

Proof: Win.CNF
$You are already running Real mode Windows.
This would mean that the Win.CNF in Windows 3.1 could actually be from

an earlier build.

More Proof:
$Non-Fatal error detected: error #2726
Please contact Windows 3.1 beta support
Press ENTER to exit or C to continue$
It can not be Beta 1, Beta 1 doesn't even have the right code.

Beta 2 only has a part of the help table.

Thus, it has to come from a later build.

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Re: Windows 3.1 Supported Real Mode!

Post by Battler »

Yes, Beta 1 (Build 034e) supported Real Mode.
And the Non-Fatal Error message is a left-over from Builds 061d and later, which triggered that message with an un-documented check for DR-DOS, using the so-called AARD Detection Code, because of the AARD string clearly visible in it.
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