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 PostPost subject: Gaming Computer and more!!!        Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:24 pm 
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Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:02 am


Hey guys. In short, I need $4000 for a car quick. I have some things I am hoping to sell. Most of these things are going to be put up on other sites too, so if something goes it is because this isn't the only site it is on.

First thing up...

My gaming computer. I haven't used it for heavy gaming in quite some time. Play WoW on it from time to time, but I have another computer that can handle wow very well, and I have my Wind for when im not raiding :p Here's the specs:

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.8ghz Dual Core
Ram: 3Gbs DDR2 - 533mhz
HDD: 250GB Sata, 80GB Sata
ODD: Lite-on dvd-burner w/ lightscribe
MoBo: EVGA 590i SLi motherboard
Extras: Saitek Eclipse keyboard, 5.1 Logitech Surround sound speakers, 4-fan speed controller on front of case
OS: Dual-boot Windows XP/7
Case: Xion Hydraulic

Only going as low as $500. Buyer must pay for shipping, can do pick-up if they are in the area.

The second thing up is a PSP-Phat. Comes with a 4GB Memory card, and a 1GB Magic Memory Stick for modifying other PSPs with. Currently, my only functioning battery is a pandoras battery. If someone says they want it, I am willing to purchase a normal battery for it. Comes with two wall adapters as I lost the original, bought another then found the original :/ Also comes with Burnout Legends. I will NOT include any roms or games saved to the memory card. Is running Custom Firmware, but im not sure which version. Will update that later. Looking for $130 shipped for all the psp stuff.

Third thing up is an Original Xbox. Comes with a bunch of different accessories. Is softmodded. Comes with a controller, video and power cables, memory card, and a dvd playback kit without the remote. Dvd playback kit does work with a universal remote though. System is softmodded and running Xbox Media Center. Xbox media center is amazing for streaming media to your living room or whereever. Have used it for years. This original xbox is actually one of 5 that I have. Best media center box I have ever used. Dvd drive is a little picky though. Looking for $50 plus shipping.

Fourth thing up...Halo 3 Edition Xbox 360. Does NOT come with video or power cables. This was a 3rd 360 I picked up, but never really used. Comes with a 20GB HDD. You would get the 20GB HDD and the Halo 3 edition system. To spice things up, for $15 more I can flash the dvd drive to play backups of games. That is up to the buyer though. I can also add red leds and such :) I repair video game systems, 360's are my specialty. $130 for system and harddrive, $145 for system and harddrive, plus dvd drive firmware flash. I also have tons upon tons of spare Xbox 360 parts lying around. I have heatsinks and ring of lights, just ask and I can let you know.

5th Things up...Nintendo Entertainment System. Still powers on and plays games. You have to blow in the cartridge slot sometimes, but I have never seen a NES where you didn't have to do that. Comes with one controller and a bunch of games. Can throw in AV cables so you don't have to use the RF adapter that it comes with. Make an offer on this, not sure how much it will go for.

I have some 360 games that I haven't played in sometime as well. Grand Theft Auto 4, Chromehounds, Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 4. I may have more. Looking for $15 each plus $4 to cover shipping.

I definitely have more to get rid of, and I will post them here. Like I said, I need $4000 soon. This stuff will help to make a dent in that amount :)

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