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 PostPost subject: PowerBook/Mac G3, LCII, Xbox 360, and Computer Parts!        Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:02 am 
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Wed Aug 30, 2006 1:57 am

Before I sell all of these on eBay, I wanted to give all of you the chance to make a reasonable bid on these items. I am selling them because I no longer need them and wish to upgrade my HP Pavilion 4535 to a decent computer. :P I figured it would be nice to offer these items to you first and if you are interested, please let me know!

Power Macintosh G3 Beige. It's mostly for parts, but it can be usable! I have had it for about a month or two now, but I can't see myself using it in the near future. It comes with the Video card I talked about in my previous topic [ATI Radeon 2600], 320MB RAM, plus another RAM stick.

PowerBook G3 Lombard. I've had this baby since 2006, and it still works! It does not have wireless, but it does, however, have a working battery, that is worth $50 in today's market. I have done many upgrades for the laptop, and it will come with the CD Drive, Zip Drive, 5 Zip Disks, the AC Adaptor, and other things!

Macintosh LCII. My family has had this since 1992 and was our first computer. If you purchase this, you will also get the original 12" RGB Color monitor, the Apple Keyboard II, the ADB Mouse, a System disk for booting, and the microphone that can be attached to it. It truly is a classic Macintosh for anyone to own, and it's even cooler when it comes with all of its original pieces of hardware!

I am considering to sell my Xbox 360 with its original box, cords, and everything, along with all controller attachments and stuff I have bought with it over the years. It is the "Premium" console with a 20GB hard drive and wireless controller, but it does not have HDMI connections. It does not have the Red Ring of Death or whatever, and has been used primarily to play Halo 3 and watch videos. I can also include Halo 3. This, of course, is up to how much people are interested in purchasing it. I plan on getting a PS3 [yes, the games suck] for the ability to run Linux on it, and to have a cheap Blue-Ray Disc player. This is also into question whether I really want it.

I am also selling my Nintendo GameCube. I have a Wii, thus, I don't need it anymore. It comes with a controller if you wish and a few other things!

Wireless USB Stick. I bought this a long time ago and have found no need for it in my house, as most of my computers have wireless built-in already. I believe this USB stick will attach to your computer and seek for wireless hotspot internet connections. This will be sold for a small price, and comes with manuals and a CD.

LG CD-RW 40x12x40x drive. This is currently in my Pavilion and replaced my previous CD drive. We got it to burn music CDs, and many data CDs. It still works great and maybe someone will need it to use today!

Gigabit Ethernet Card by Linksys. What else? :P

Additional information can be acquired by commenting! Please name what you interested in, along with a possible price you would buy it for. Please, don't say you want the computer or game console for $5.00 or something unreasonable, as I would sell it on eBay for something higher. If you would like for me to list my suggestive prices, please let me know. I take bidding and buying seriously, as all of the items above have had an impact on my life. And I need to make sure everything is going into the right hands! Thanks! :)

Since January 2005, I've been in the Operating Systems Prototype Community. I've enjoyed learning more these past four years about the development of the Windows and Macintosh operating systems, as well as learning of new user-based projects that optimize system performance.

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 PostPost subject:        Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:46 am 
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Fri Sep 01, 2006 10:04 pm


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I value your PowerBook G3 at 40 USD without shipping?
I don't really care much for the "other things"

If you place it on the US ebay and with a buy-it now, I may purchase it...

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