lol dongs

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lol dongs

Post by stitch »

Regarding the [censored] with Compact Maniac...

* I got his address though a service that gets info behind hidden whois.
* I didn't store any of it.
* I'm not looking it up again, It's caused enough trouble.
* Someone relay this to him
* I'll donate my blood-thirsty Jewish lawyers to you guys if you want me to, in a case against him.

Else, he's just being a flaming homo. Like a lot of children I meet online. Even more than a lot of the people I see on DALNet. So yeah, screw you all.

Polite as always (:


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Post by happy dude »

[03:00] <Zimmy> yeah
[03:00] <Zimmy> i have access to private whois backends
[03:01] <Zimmy> aka, I can see what's behind privacy
[03:07] <J> Zimmy
[03:07] <J> thats not really..a nice thing to do
[03:07] <J> Here's where they are orignating from: Compact-mac. He spreads around MSNM addresses to his retarded little mates for some reason. I have his home address and telephone number so next time something happens, let me know, I'll take care of it.
[03:07] <J> I've had some ryan kid do that to me before, and it was beyond my control
[03:09] <Zimmy> [link removed]
[03:10] <J> You have no case in court for myself obtaining public records and in fact
[03:10] <J> yeah he does
[03:10] <J> data protection laws
[03:10] <J> you dont have his permission to store it
[03:10] <happydude> they werent public
[03:10] <happydude> it was set to private
[03:10] <Zimmy> that's just it
[03:10] <Zimmy> I never stored it
[03:10] <J> you claimed to have it stored though
[03:10] <J> thats his case
[03:10] <Zimmy> I guess I should of made it clear, I had access to it
[03:11] <Zimmy> if a cop wanted to search my [removed] computer, nobody'd find any addresses
[03:11] <J> where'd you obtain his stuff from, then?
[03:11] <J> just out of curiosity
[03:11] <Zimmy> I'm not going to leak that
[03:12] <J> ..
[03:12] <J> in which case as far as I know
[03:12] <J> you dont have it
[03:12] <J> because private whois is private informations
[03:13] <Zimmy> therotically anybody can get "private whois" information, by presenting a case to the registar for a reason why they would need the information
[03:13] <J> uh no
[03:13] <Zimmy> (IE: harassment, hack attempt, subpeonia, et cetera)
[03:13] <zn3t> :\
[03:13] <J> once again data protection comes in again
[03:13] <J> only the courts/police can obtain that information forcefully
[03:14] <Zimmy> ICANN thinks different
[03:14] <Zimmy> domain/IP whois info legally is supposed to be available to anyone
[03:15] <J> its stored on nominet uk though dude
[03:15] <J> if the registrant has opted for enclosure, they're obliged to enclose
[03:18] <Zimmy> anyway, ICANN controls all domain/IP info, along with IANA, they set the rules that they must have public whois info available
[03:18] <J> curiosity hits again, whats the first 4 digits?
[03:18] <Zimmy> no matter what country, what anything
[03:18] <Zimmy> and i'm not gonna go do another lookup
[03:18] <Zimmy> this has caused enough trouble
Maybe everyone can STFU about this, Compact-MAc, instead of posting all over forums OMG MY WHOIS STUFF WAS STOLEN HELP MEH please, there are other methods you can take, which would be more effective.

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Post by Hrimfaxi »

once again,


srsly though, does this require 3 topics of this BS?

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Post by gracz54 »

What the hell is this about?

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Post by Andy »

The next person who brings up a topic related to this subject will be banned no questions asked. We do not need other forums bull [censored] on BA.