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 PostPost subject: Mozilla firefox mobile !        Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 3:34 pm 
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Mozilla clearly intends to repeat with the Mobile Firefox
Even adventure with his older brother and the impact that it
Knows. The browser has caused in the world of a computer
Break the monopoly of Internet Explorer and is now at the root
Of questioning habits, propelling again, and perhaps
Finally, web standards on the front of the stage.

The situation on mobile phones will be less easy to
Consider, as these devices are not really platforms "
Free "as can be both PC and Mac. It is not here
Really an operating system on which it is de rigueur to
Let the user install what he wants. Most
Phones are software controlled environments and even

For this reason, Mozilla is in full negotiations with
Several manufacturers to prepare a favorable climate and fertile
For his young plant. The emergence of a completely free browser
And providing access to the web in the same way as on Safari
IPhone will create a movement and give rise to the camps.

First pass: Mobile Firefox is free, unlike
Competition, including Opera and Skyfire. Then, it is not
Display a special version of the web, WAP, or any other substitute:
Mobile Firefox displays the real sites, creating needs
Bandwidth greater than the use made
Usually on the Web cellular. But those uses
Often included in the packages themselves carefully controlled
By phone operators.

Mozilla is therefore especially in the process of negotiating with them, as it would be
Needless to allow the installation of Firefox Mobile operators if
Do not open the floodgates. In France, packages unlimited Internet "
Only just beginning to disembark, but that's not necessarily the
Cases in the rest of Europe, let alone the rest of the planet.

Mozilla is still not alone. The foundation has nevertheless interesting allies, including manufacturers Nokia and Samsung. The first uses a modified version of Firefox on its N800 and N810. Advantage: Nokia reverse its contributions to the community when it uses open source products. Samsung also is testing Firefox Mobile and had already been dated advice and criticism on the software interface.

Mike Schroepfer, vice president of engineering at Mozilla, said
In addition, the developers are in relation to the founders Intel
And ARM to control that Firefox works seamlessly with Mobile
Processors associates. Mozilla is clearly ready to
Invest in the mobile market, but the market
Mobile phones is ready to host Firefox?

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