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 PostPost subject: Need someone who knows about Betamax...        Posted: Wed May 23, 2007 8:12 pm 
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Sat Aug 19, 2006 8:09 am



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I'm currently translating the "Betamax" article from English and Japanese Wikipedia to Chinese. However I've encountered some problem on difficult grammar and professional terms. If anyone could do me a favor by explaining them in simpler words or offer data of professional terms, please reply to this topic. Thank you.

Currently these paragraphs needs help:
(parts that need help are labeled bold)
In the professional and broadcast video industry, Sony's Betacam, derived from Betamax as a professional format, became one of several standard formats; production houses exchange footage on Betacam videocassettes, and the Betacam system became the most widely used videotape format in the ENG (Electronic News Gathering) industry, replacing the 3/4" U-matic tape format (which was the first practical and cost-effective portable videotape format for broadcast television, signaling the end of 16mm film -- and the phrase "film at eleven" often heard on the six-o-clock newscast, before the film had been developed). The professional derivative of VHS, MII (aka Recam), faced off against Betacam and lost.

Not too sure about the very first sentences and what "house," "footage" means here.

For PAL, however, the bandwidth between the Chroma and Luminance carriers was not sufficient enough to allow additional FM carriers, so depth multiplexing was employed, where the audio track would be recorded in the same way that the video track was. The lower frequency audio track was written first by a dedicated head, and the video track recorded on top by the video head. The head disk had an extra pair of audio only heads with a different azimuth, positioned slightly ahead of the regular video heads, for this purpose.

Sony would again push the envelope with ED or "Extended Definition" Betamax, capable of up to 500 lines of resolution, using a metal formulation tape from the Betacam.

What "envelope" (or maybe "push the envelope") means here?

The top end ED deck was a very capable editing deck, rivalling much more expensive U-Matic setups for its accuracy, but did not have commercial success due to lack of timecode and other pro features.


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 PostPost subject:        Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 6:29 am 

Tue Oct 17, 2006 8:26 pm

A "production house" means a company that does production, in this case video production.

"Footage" means video caught on tape.

So when they are saying "production houses exchange footage", in this instance, it means that this is how the industry exchanges film between departments/companies (there is a lot more to video production then just filming)... on BetaCam casettes.

"Push the envelope" means to aggressively test your boundries, with risk. And example would be "Little Johnny was pushing the envelope when I was trying to put him to bed last night. He wouldn't lay down and kept jumping on the bed."

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