PC (was) in an infinite reboot loop?

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pr0gram the pr0grammer
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PC (was) in an infinite reboot loop?

Post by pr0gram the pr0grammer »

I fired up my old PC today for the first time in a while, and suddenly, it was in a reboot loop. It would show the "nVidia GeForce" etc video card text for a few seconds as normal, then that would disappear, and then part of the BIOS POST screen would display, then the machine would reboot, and it would keep doing this until I turned it off.

However, I opened the side of my case to have a look, and then pressed the power button again, and suddenly it fixed itself? wtf? do you reckon there is something dodgy with my hardware?
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Post by Aztech »

I killed a Windows2000 installation once by simply updating the ATI
drivers to the current version, on a reboot it did what your system did,
ended up in a reboot loop, even when attempting to boot to safe mode it'd
do the same.
I changed the video card hoping that a different brand of card would make
a difference, but it didn't.
Ended up having to re install Windows.
Your lucky you somehow broke out of the reboot loop

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Post by RentedMule »

Your CMOS battery may be flaky, causing the CMOS to get partially corrupted, then just by chance, when yuo opened the case, it happened to bog out completely and reset.

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Post by MCbx »

Some video capture devices (exactly: FAST AV Master) likes to enter reboot loop in some cases:
1. When system's driver and capture program in Win98 are installed (reboot as Win98 desktop shows up)
2. Overheating of main chip - I think main codec needs a good heatsink (reboot at BIOS POST)
3. Bus clock is greater than 100MHz (reboot when graphics card tries to change video mode - doesn't matter which, sometimes it reboots when it's drawing EPA logo of Award BIOS) - it's impossible to run these cards in faster bus speeds.
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Tom Stanley

Post by Tom Stanley »

Maybe the graphics card itself was overheating? If the card works fine with adequate ventillation, then maybe it was an overheating issue?


Post by wint3rmute »

I don't believe it was the video card's fault. Just because it shows the Video card just before the BIOS does its POST stuff is not conclusive. If there is something wrong with the video card, you will ((with Award Bios)) hear three long beeps.

Opening the case could have done one of two things-
1. Cooled down whatever was overheating, and perhaps moved some dust around.
2. You tripped the case open warning (if your motherboard supports it... my current motherboard has it). What it does is shuts down the computer if the case is found to be open... I guess useful for servers if someone tries to tamper with it.

Something like this

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Post by Rhykin »

There was probably some electrical interference or overheating issue that could've caused it to. I mean, really, it could be a whole wide variety of issues. I don't think it has anything remotely to do with your video card because most of the time if something is wrong with your video card, the screen would either be random colors or nothing at all.
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Post by Oerg »

Maybe the RAM got damaged somehow. If you get new one, you may solve the problem, although i cannot guarantee it.

The computer can do crazy things when the RAM is a bit broken, for example boot reset loop, garbaged graphics even though OS works OK, and even destroy your mainboard.


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