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 PostPost subject: Computer freaks in Chinese soap operas/movies        Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 10:58 pm 
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Sat Aug 19, 2006 8:09 am



Favourite OS
Translated from: ... 75672.html

(Deleted some that doesn't really make sense if directly translated)

1.The main female character(A) asked another character(B) to help her open the computer game that her boyfriend designed for her....
2.B pressed the power button on the screen, and then a bootup voice...(Single key bootup on screen?)
3.B rapidly typed on the keyboard, saying that he is opening the program.(Does it really need that much commands?)
4.The game's title screen appeared. It's DOA3(Dead or Alive? Not sure). (What? Her boyfriend designed this game ALL BY HIMSELF?!) But the voice is from TEKKEN. (A hybrided game?)
5.While fighting, hear the hint "Round 1, fight!" (Shouldn't this voice appear when fight begin?)
6.A wanted to play it, but suddenly the screen became black. (Obviously a power-cut actually.) B asked her what she just pressed, and she pointed on a key. B roared: " Why do you press it? It's Delete key!" (I never know any software that could delete itself by this!)
7.At the same moment A's boyfriend came back, checked the computer and had an upset look on his face. A explained to him and apologized, and he replied: "Well, it's not your fault. I forgot to save the work." (Then how did they call the game out?)

A program developer was teaching his son...
He rapidly typed on the keyboard on his NB and said to his son: "See? You should be like this!" Then, the Win98 bootup voice came from the computer....

1.A spy from company A sneaked into company B and checked for their IP address, then send it back to company A through her cellphone.
2.The scene switch to company A. People cried out happily: "We got their DYNAMIC IP!!"
3.Scene switched back to company B again. Developers found that the cursor doesn't move. They screamed: "We're been hacked by them!"

Two people chatting on computers using......Microsoft Word?!

A developer sitting in front of a computer, rapidly typing on the keyboard and said: "Oh no! There are so many hackers!" But if you look carefully you'll find that all he did is keep typing "dir" under DOS mode.... :lol:

Someone bought a computer and brought it to a poor village. He used it to surf the Internet.....hmm....Even faster than my 2MB/s ADSL?!

(Belows are jokes/stories from a university in China)

In a silent night, a "master" sit in front of his desk, cutting on a HDD with a knife, saying that he's building up an OS. :lol:

Someone in the dorm built a cellphone which can only call but can't receive calls. But at least you don't need to pay the telephone fare!

A guy who liked DOS games installed Win3.1, but then found that Game Buster for DOS doesn't work on Win3.1.
Another guy, after typing on his keyboard for whole night, composed "Game Buster for Win3.1."


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