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 PostPost subject: DOSBox: Special Tutorial for DOSBox Daum Cafe SVGA and other        Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 5:37 am 
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Wed Aug 06, 2008 7:31 pm



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This is a tutorial about how to configure Dosbox to be awesome. Now, you have to have a certain version of Dosbox, this helps Dosbox to be more easily configurable.

Step 1 Download Dosbox (the good version)... Go to , this site has a download to Dosbox Daum Cafe, which is a version of Dosbox that already has patches and everything, including a bar at the top for configuration. Now, click on the link at the top that says DOSBox CVS. Click download, the gray link below the blue bar with words. Save it on your HDD and extract it with some stupid extraction program into some stupid empty folder. You don't have to install it.

Step 2 Making Accessable Drive C... Make a folder on the root directory of your HDD (C:\ = root directory). Name the folder anything you want, like DOSWIN, or MORONSAREBAD.
In the folder you extracted Dosbox Daum Cafe into, there is a file called dosbox.conf, open that file with notepad. Scroll down to "[autoexec]"
Enter this two spaces below the "# Lines in this section will be run at startup.":

mount c C:\DOSWIN

Now, DOSWIN is the directory you created in the root directory, if the foldername was different, change DOSWIN to whatever folder you made.
Now when you click dosbox.exe in the folder you extracted the DOSbox Daum Cafe into, dosbox.exe should say "Drive C is mounted as local directory C:\DOSWIN\" and then again, it may say something different about the directory, like C:\MYDOS\ if your folder was different. Alright, you're finished with this step, and now you have an accessable HDD you can put games in, or install Windows 3x in.

Step 3 Soundblaster... DOSBox Daum Cafe should come preconfigured with Soundblaster 16 emulation, the emulation sounds quite good with MIDI files.

Step 4 GRAPHICS!... Okay, so you have Drive C and everything you've done so far, but now you're going to learn about getting the graphics better. One note before you learn this: The DOSbox command prompt's resolution won't change with this step, only some games and Windows 3x (with the SVGA driver) will. Okay, open dosbox.conf again and scroll down to "[vga]". Two spaces below all the # junk are these two entries:


You want to change the svgachipset entry to this:


Okay, now you're done with this step, and you can have SVGA on some things (at 256 colors sometimes too).

Step 5 copy shortcut of dosbox.exe onto desktop for accessability... This last step is optional and pretty easy too. All you have to do is go to the folder you extracted DOSBox Daum Cafe into, right click dosbox.exe (or dosbox_admin.exe depending on needs) and select "Create Shortcut", copy the shortcut onto the desktop and rename it to your choice.

That's it! Have fun doing dosbox stuff!

P.S. Look for future tutorial "Windows 3x SVGA"

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