[tut] iPhone/iTouch easy jail break

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[tut] iPhone/iTouch easy jail break

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How to jailbreak an iPhone/iPod Touch By asukafan8(iPod touch owner)
WARNING: This does NOT work for the 16/32Gb touch models!

Step 1: get off your rump and get your iPhone/iTouch

Step 2: Conect your iPhone to your PC/mac.

Step 3: Go to "http://www.ziphone.org" and click "Download ziPhone"

Step 4: Click on the Windows orb if you have windows(XP/Vista)
(the apple if you have mac OS X)
Download the file(to your desktop will be fine)

Step 5: Run the app

Step 6(iPhone activated): Select JailBreak(it does the work for you)

Step 6.1(iPhone NOT-Activated): Select "Do it all!"

Step 6.2(iPod Touch): Select "Jailbreak"

Step 6.3(Lock your iPhone): Select "Refurbish"

Wait until done and re-booted

>>>iPhone Service change<<<Step>Install>All Programs(something like that)

Step 2: Find/Install "any sim"

Step 3: Power off your iPhone(hold the top button until it gines you the shut down option, then, Instert you non AT&T sim card. And reboot!
(i dont have an iPhone, but you can find better instructions on google)

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