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[TUT] How to replace iCons in OS X

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 3:01 am
Have you ever looked at an iCon, thought it was ugly, and wanted to replace it? This tutorial will teach you how to do that, plus replace the Finder iCon.

What you need:
A Mac running OS X
Your new iCon in .PNG

Here is how to change your normal app iCons
1. Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/
2. Run this command:

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sudo /System/CoreServices/
Then enter your password. After you did that, go to your application or file you want to replace your iCon with another one.

3. Open your new iCon in Preview. Make sure the Preview window is in the foreground and press Command + C.
4. Go to your application, and do Control + Click. Click “Get Info” in the menu.
5. When the “Get Info” window opens, click the iCon in the top left corner so there is a blue outline around it.
6. Click Command + V.
7. Go to Terminal and press Control + C
8. Run this in the Terminal:

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killall Finder
Note: If the App with the replaced iCon is in the dock before you replaced the iCon, you will have to unpin it and repin it to the dock for the updated iCon to appear.