[TUTORIAL] How to install Windows 1.0 DR5 on 86Box

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[TUTORIAL] How to install Windows 1.0 DR5 on 86Box

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Here is a guide to install DR5 on 86Box.
(Based on the BetaWiki instructions)
[8088]Generic XT clone, 4.77 MHz
Video : [ISA] CGA
Mouse : Microsoft Serial mouse
HD controller : [ISA] [XT IDE] Acculogic XT IDE
HD: at least 8MB, IDE 0:0
Floppy drive (5.25, 360k)

Software you need:
MS-DOS 2.11 boot disk
Windows 1.0 DR5 installation disk
86Box Manager
86Box Romset

How to install:
1. Create a machine with the config above
2. Start the machine with the MS-DOS boot disk(Floppy icon-> Existing image...)
3. Enter fdisk, select 1 and reboot
4. Enter format c: and reboot
5. Enter sys c:, then enter copy *.* c:\*.*
6. Eject the floppy (Floppy icon-> Eject...) and reboot
7. Insert the first disk of DR5, enter copy a:\install.bat c:\
8. Run c:\install.bat, confirm everything
9. Setup will copy files, use f8+f12 to uncapture your mouse
10. When it asks for Disk 2, insert it and press enter
11. When it asks for Disk 3, insert it and press enter
12. Confirm the last prompt, eject a: and reboot
To enter Windows, enter these commands:
path c:\windows\bin
cd c:\windows\test
If you follow these steps correctly, you will have a complete installation of Windows 1.0 DR5.
To install Hercules drivers, enter this:
path c:\windows\bin
cd c:\windows\test
drivers hercules
Then change the graphics adapter to Hercules(Tools->Settings->Display...) Disable blend in its configuration.
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Re: [TUTORIAL] How to install Windows 1.0 DR5 on 86Box

Post by TheCollector1988 »

You can always create a 10MB (CHS geometry = 306/6/17) hdd using the Xebec controller.

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