[TUT] Debombing Memphis builds

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[TUT] Debombing Memphis builds

Post by MCpillager12 »

This tutorial debmobs Memphis betas. Its very easy

1) Do first stage normally.
2) When it asks you to reboot, boot from bootdisk.
3) Type in "sys c:" in the prompt without quotations.
4) Remove floppy.
5) Reboot.
6) ???
7) Profit. You wont get any product expiried errors.
Help!!!! hOw DO I run WiNdoWS 8 vM wIThouT vm soFtWarE???

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Re: [TUT] Debombing Memphis builds

Post by TheCollector1988 »

I'm pretty sure you can use timecrk (google it if you don't have it) by running it from a from DOS floppy (timecrk should be placed next to io.sys in the hdd though and only when the first phase of Win9x setup is done).

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