[HOWTO] Install full MUI for Windows XP SP2/3

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[HOWTO] Install full MUI for Windows XP SP2/3

Post by BetaNewbie »

For Windows XP w/ SP2/3, if you just install XP MUI on it, you will find that some SP2 programs are not localized, like the security center or Windows Firewall.

Now, I found a way to install full MUI for Windows XP w/ SP2/3, including FLP and POSReady.

1.Install normal XP RTM MUI, then, switch to the language you installed.
2.Reinstall XP SP2/3, this will get SP2 programs localized. (Don't worry, it will install without error, I have tested on POSReady 2009)
3.Install KB942766, this will get SP3 programs localized.
4.Reboot, then you get a fully localized Windows XP SP2/3.

Last, for those who say "why you don't install POSReady's MUI instead?", I would say that POSReady's CHS MUI has a little bug. The system font is still Tahoma in Chinese UI, this makes the characters hard to read since Tahoma is not designed for Chinese.

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Re: [HOWTO] Install full MUI for Windows XP SP2/3

Post by carbonx »

Couldn't you just use one of the four MUI languepacks cd's. I've got them slipstramed into a windows xp professional iso. Build 5.1.2600. You have to have the right serial to get the windows activated though. I do not use cracks to activate it, as i have genuine keys for it.

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