How to make a bootable Windows NT 3.51 ISO/CD

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How to make a bootable Windows NT 3.51 ISO/CD

Post by Windows 386 »

How to make a bootable Windows NT 3.51 ISO

This is a tutorial on how to make a bootable Windows NT 3.51 ISO.


Bearwindows, Winhistory (the user Antz) and Betaarchive (the user Windows 386 (me))

The following websites motivated me to make a bootable ISO:

Bearwindows is in English:

Winhistory is in German:


Download WINNT351CDBOOT.7z from: ... lJlUGlWdFE
Download CDIMAGE.7z from: ... EV5dzJ2SVU

Extract these files with 7-ZIP.
You will need CDIMAGE.EXE and bootsect.bin
I changed the TXTSETUP.SIF file.
In the TXTSETUP.SIF you can see the changes.


Download a clean Windows NT 3.51 ISO.

Create the following directories:


Extract CDIMAGE.7z to the directory "C:\CDBOOT"

Copy your Windows NT 3.51 Source to "C:\NT351CD"
extract the files from WINNT351CDBOOT.7z directly to "C:\NT351CD"


Go to the Directory CDBOOT with "CD C:\CDBOOT"

To create a bootable ISO image use the following command:

"CDIMAGE.EXE -bC:\NT351CD\I386\bootsect.bin -e -h -lNT351SP0 -m -nt -o -pNT351SP0 -y5 -x C:\NT351CD nt351sp5.iso"

Enjoy the floppyless installation of Windows NT 3.51

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Re: How to make a bootable Windows NT 3.51 ISO/CD

Post by os2fan2 »

You don't have to duplicate the [files] section into [SourceDisksFiles]. Instead, if you put setupldr.bin into a hex editor, and change the string SourceDisksFiles to a null-padded Files, it will use that section instead.

You might need a note in the 'readme' to the effect that if you have changed the txtsetup.sif file, you should just copy the first 20 lines of the one here to the front of the txtsetup.sif

Wendy. See aslo,, which uses this, and also details the required patch.

On the main, i like it!!

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Re: How to make a bootable Windows NT 3.51 ISO/CD

Post by pottzman »

does anybody know how to get the above setup tp work in a multiboot scenario?

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Re: How to make a bootable Windows NT 3.51 ISO/CD

Post by condor.07 »

the method works perfectly with all languages

I tried to use it with the Windows NT version 3.50 but from these problems:

At the beginning of the installation, exit this window and select "Standard PC"


with CDFS.SYS 4.0.1234.1 from this error:


with CDFS.SYS 3.50.800.1 the installation continues but then this error:


Has anyone managed to solve the problem or is it not possible?
Thank you

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