How to decode Microsoft ISO filenames

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Re: How to decode Microsoft ISO filenames

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These will be identified, it means please let us know and I update this post. If any member has any other filename formats.

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Re: How to decode Microsoft ISO filenames

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mrpijey wrote: Image
  1. Language of the OS. Always two letters. Example: en, cs, da, no, sv.
  2. ?
  3. Single or double layer DVD. DVD5 = 4.7GB
  4. Product name. Win = Windows.
  5. SKU version. Examples: Pro, Pro KN, Ent.
  6. 7 With. Means it's an integrated installation with a service pack. Combined with (7) for full service pack level information. Optional.
  7. Integrated service pack level. Optional.
  8. Platform target. 32BIT = x86, 64BIT = x64.
  9. Language of the OS.
  10. ?
  11. Microsoft Licensing Fulfillment
  12. Microsoft Part Number as it appears on the physical installation media.
-2 is update version. include KB2534111 hotfix. (same mean msdn u)

not include KB2534111 ISO file name is SW_DVD5_Win_Pro_N_7w_SP1_32BIT_English_MLF_X17-29107.ISO

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