Arizona Driver gets 70 speeding tickets in 5 months

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Arizona Driver gets 70 speeding tickets in 5 months

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Driver gets 70 speeding tickets in 5 months

PHOENIX, Arizona (Reuters) - As a mortgage broker in Arizona, Francesca Cisneros is used to working with big numbers. It's the double-digit speed limits she has trouble with.
Cisneros racked up 70 speeding tickets in the last five months, a record for the Scottsdale Police Department, police said on Friday.
Speeding cameras in Scottsdale, a suburb of Phoenix, snapped pictures of the 32-year-old woman as she tore through the sun-baked city in her Honda Civic between March 2 and July 31.

"She told arresting officers she was speeding because she seemed to be late for client meetings all the time," Scottsdale Police Department spokesman Mark Clark told Reuters. "I guess she's got some time management issues."
The second-worst offender in the department's history accumulated a mere 25 tickets, Clark said.

Police said Cisneros said she threw her speeding tickets away because she thought nothing could happen to her if she didn't pay them.
Clark said Cisneros faces some $11,000 in fines and could have her license suspended. ... NG-DC.html
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