CRP (Control Running Programs) 1.0 Build 422 RC1

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CRP (Control Running Programs) 1.0 Build 422 RC1

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CRP (Control Running Programs) is a solution that will control all running programs within your windows session. In the section 'Instance Controlling', you can specify how many instances of a particular program will run at the same time, preventing memory overflow and instant program spawning from other programs. In the section 'Instance Launching', specific programs will be launched once they have been closed, either by accident, from the user or the task manager. Drag & Drop support from explorer is also supported and multiple entries allow unlimited amount of programs to be used.

Latest Changes:
You can now edit entries that have been already added (sorry, should have been in Beta 3)
Fixed a bug that stopped a message being shown for the sub menu 'Protect'
Fixed a fault that caused the tooltips not to be shown on the main window when there are no entries in the lists
Fixed some small spelling mistakes here and there (mainly in messages and tooltips shown)
You can now force a reset of the complete protection automatically after entering the right password
Enabling protection no longer minimizes the main window to the system tray (just enables the protection)
Added 'Unprotect' support (changes the 'Protect' menu item) to disable protection
You can now disable the confirmation shown to start the engines when the protection is enabled
You can now specify the default instances allowed for programs drop on the 'Instance Controlling' list (see Options)
Fixed a massive fault that caused programs dropped onto empty lists not to work (i.e. not even allow the drop)
Added 'Delete: Dead' to the 'Edit' menu (only available for 'Instance Launching')
Slight layout change to the password creating and changing windows
Fixed a fault that caused the 'Install Programs' menu item to be enabled when the engine is running
Lots of other small changes and fixes


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never heard of this