AMD & Nvidia announce hybrid graphic solutions

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AMD & Nvidia announce hybrid graphic solutions

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Both of the worlds leading manufacturesrs of graphics processing units, AMD & Nvidia, have announced product that can combine the power of a motherboards integrated graphics core with a discrete PCIe graphic card for cheap multi-GPU video acceleration.
AMDs solution called Hybrid Crossfire will debut with its RS780 series chipsets and require a compatible Radeon 3000 series graphics card.Users are likely to see a noticeable performance increases with mid-range cards but the effects will be barely noticeable with high-end graphic cars.The solution will also allow for cheap multi display setups by using both video outputs of the motherboard and the graphic card.
Nvidias solution is also similarand also requires the use of nForce 700 series chipsets and a supporting 8000 or 9000 series graphic card.In addition to increased graphics processing power,Nvidia promises that the graphic card will shut down completely when not in use thus providing high proformance video outputs when required and swiching to onboard GPU for basic 2D image displays.
Both companies solutions will require Vista

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