EBS Pre-RC1 Preparation and Planning Tools Best Bug Contest

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EBS Pre-RC1 Preparation and Planning Tools Best Bug Contest

Post by Danielxv »

The Microsoft Windows Essential Business Server Pre-RC1 Preparation and Planning Tools Best Bug Contest has started!

Two new strategic planning tools that will be included with Windows Essential Business Server at RC1 and beyond are ready for your feedback. They are at a pre-beta stage of development and we need fast and quality feedback to get them ready for inclusion with Windows Essential Business Server RC1.

Learn about these revolutionary new tools and get a chance to win great prizes -- Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Home Server or a new PC!

Please see the official contest rules, timeframe and prize descriptions here:

https://connect.microsoft.com/centro/co ... entID=8944

The following tools will be integrated into our RC1 setup and will be part of the planning and preparation needed to prepare your environment to set up Windows Essential Business Server successfully (your critical feedback is needed to help ensure we get these tools right).

* Windows Essential Business Server Preparation Wizard
o Scan your existing network environment for any potential health issues to assure a proper and valid setup of Windows Essential Business Server. The tool runs about 100 environment checks and provides data and documentation links to address the issues found.
Windows Essential Business Server Planning Wizard
Receive guidance on planning your migration to Windows Essential Business Server

Download link, instructions and prerequisites:

Download the tools here: http://connect.microsoft.com/centro/Dow ... adID=12604

1. The tools can only be run on the following operating systems:
a. Windows XP SP2 (with all critical updates)
b. Windows 2003 SP2 (with all critical updates)
c. Windows Vista SP1 (with all critical updates)
d. Windows Server 2008 (with all critical updates)

2. You need to be logged in with an account with Domain Admin privileges to run the tools.

3. .Net Framework 1.1: You will need .Net Framework 1.1 installed to run the Exchange BPA.

4. .Net Framework 2.0: You will need .Net Framework 2.0 installed before using the tools.

a. Find links to both of these files here: http://www.microsoft.com/netframework

5. Install version 2.8 of the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer from here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/exch ... 88481.aspx

a. You must install the Exchange BPA to the default location.

Feedback: File bugs in the standard manner through Connect. Please be as explicit as possible with your feedback as we are time constrained. Please also supply the logs with your bug reports (copy both of the following directories, create a zip file and attach them to the bug from the following locations):

%systemdrive%\Windows Essential Business Server\Wizards\Data

%systemdrive%\Windows Essential Business Server\Wizards\Logs

We need feedback and bugs filed on the following:

* Any data collection or analysis failures
* False positives (the tool finds an issue but the diagnosis is incorrect). For example, the tool warns there is no GC found, yet a Global Catalog exists
* False negatives (the tool doesn't find an issue that is present in the environment). For example, the tool doesn't warn of a ghosted NIC, but a ghosted NIC is present
* Crashes or functionality flaws in the UI
* UI is unclear or confusing
* Usability and functionality of both tools
* Blocking issues preventing you from running the tools where no workaround is available
* Incorrect KB article links or guidance
* Any other issue you find that you would expect to be fixed in the final implementation

Known Issues:

Preparation wizard uses WMI to collect information about the existing environment. If WMI is not enabled or is not functioning on any of the servers that the tool needs access to, the analysis report will produce the following error:

Error: Remote WMI access failed for server X

Please see the following articles to troubleshoot this WMI-related issue: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library ... S.85).aspx

The Windows Essential Business Server Team
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Post by XDude »

I don't think there is really any reason to post a whole email here. Since it is confidential plus unless one have access to the program on connect, they can't really do anything.

It's not that great of a news or a release, just info that I see one (by email) and again on BA.

Maybe you should atleast use quotes next time to indicate that it is an email not something you wrote. And to me, it's not a release, just a bunch of tools.

This is just my opinion.