New Duke Nukem Forever In-Game Footage!

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New Duke Nukem Forever In-Game Footage!

Post by zchri9 »

The first episoide of the Jace Hall show had a rather big surprise in it.
Duke Nukem Forever in game footage!
You can view the episoide here. ... 91%26fx%3d

and links to the episoide and more can be found at
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Post by RGaspar »

It looks awesome. And 3D realms says it's all old footage and most of the effects were replaced.

Whoo hoo!!

I hope it will be released at last
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Post by fzajac »

Wow, seems i'm still waiting for it.

I would really feel sick if i knew that someone preordered it back in '97

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Post by longview »

Duke Nukem Forever had better be the second coming of Jesus coated in chocolate flavoured gold, getting everybody laid while playing a guitar-solo for it to be worth this wait.
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