Europe rejects anti-piracy plans

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Europe rejects anti-piracy plans

Post by Andy »

Europe rejects anti-piracy plans
European politicians have voted down calls to throw suspected file-sharers off the net.

The idea to cut off persistent pirates formed part of a wide-ranging report on creative industries written for the European parliament.

But in a narrow vote MEPs backed an amendment to the report which said nets bans conflicted with "civil liberties and human rights".

It puts MEPS at odds with governments planning tough action against pirates.
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Post by hounsell »

The EU seems to be doing a lot of random, inexplicable stufff, such as stopping anti-piracy plans and fining Microsoft. But I think its great myself.


Post by mercenaryhmster »

it's about time that someone stood up to drm. i have always felt, if it is on the internet, it should be freely available to all