Buildfeed shut down

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Buildfeed shut down

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Re: Buildfeed shut down

Post by viper »

Sad, I like them too :(

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Re: Buildfeed shut down

Post by Caveria »

I like it too! It never come back in it. :( :( :(
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Re: Buildfeed shut down

Post by LarryTN7722 »

I like BuildFeed. Too bad it shut down suddenly. :( :( :(
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Re: Buildfeed shut down

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Um, what is/was BuildFeed?
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Re: Buildfeed shut down

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Re: Buildfeed shut down

Post by DJ Deedahx »

AlejHerrBar2k3 wrote:Um, what is/was BuildFeed?
BuildFeed once was a database of Windows build strings, ranging from the early days of Windows Whistler (5.1.2xxx et al) to present day, cataloguing 19H1 builds, Windows 10 for Xbox One builds and other Windows projects Microsoft was working on.
Sorry, but having tried that myself, it doesn't really explain what BuildFeed once was...
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Re: Buildfeed shut down

Post by jimmsta »

There's a replacement now -
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