Microsoft throws all thier XBOX360 HD-DVD tech. overboard

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Microsoft throws all thier XBOX360 HD-DVD tech. overboard

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Microsoft has released its HD-DVD Emulator for XBOX360 to the public for free

Just last december Microsoft released a HD DVD emulator for the XBOX 360 for USD$2,999; a tool which allowed developers to check how thier project would run on the XBOX-360 via a USB disk or Networked drive, without wasting the expensive discs - this friday they released that tool for free.

The announcement sense, as on the 25th February Microsoft announced it would stop HD-DVD drive production for the XBOX360 then they dropped the price for the drives from $179 to $49.99 USD; I didn't expect to see it forgotten this quickly after Toshiba abandoned it, Microsoft certainly haven't tried to ignore HD DVD's death.

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