Windows Media Player 11 Final

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Windows Media Player 11 Final

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edit: Build 11.0.5721.5145
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Is it just me, or does this seem a little buggy? There's some weird white dots in the top corners of the window that shouldn't be there, the mini-player toolbar thing doesn't seem to work (when I enable the toolbar when WMP's not open I get a blank toolbar on my taskbar, and WMP won't minimise into it, only the normal taskbar tile!), it always opens in Library view and not the last-used view like WMP10 did, and if you have a playlist open in Now Playing mode and double-click one of the items in it the playlist is cleared and just that item is now in the now playing list. Hmmm...maybe just my computer that's messed up

Also, there's no way to quickly open a playlist from the Now Playing view - in 10 you could click "Now Playing" on the right to open one.

Oh, and quite often it doesn't actually exit when you click the close button (the window goes but the music carries on and it's still in task manager), but then that happened with 10 as well. OK, I'll stop moaning now!

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Hmmm... interesting. Gonna have my dad download it to his XP install, will try it then.