Microsoft discovered an issue inside Windows Server 2008 RTM

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Microsoft discovered an issue inside Windows Server 2008 RTM

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02-25-08 -

The Japanese versions of Windows Server 2008 are currently not available for download. Microsoft discovered an issue within the Japanese Extended Character set of Windows Server 2008 that could result in data loss on an Active Directory Domain Controller with Japanese locale set. As a result, Microsoft has pulled the Japanese language versions of Windows Server 2008 from all Microsoft download sites. While this problem is expected to be limited primarily to the Japan market and Japanese language environments, any Windows Server 2008 customer with AD set to Japanese AD locale is at risk. All customers are being advised to not set AD to Japanese AD locale until a fix is in place. The Windows Server team is currently working on a fix and it is expected to be in place by general availability in early March 2008.

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here is the fix for this issue:
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