Windows 10 Accessability Upgrade loophole ends soon

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Windows 10 Accessability Upgrade loophole ends soon

Post by tariqm »

Source: ... -loophole/ (originally posted on Aug. 3, 2016)

Microsoft has recently seen abnormal abuse of the free Accessibility Upgrade to 10 offer to circumvent the deprecation of the free upgrade for everyone that was over after Jul. 29 of 2016. Due to that, the totally free upgrade for Accessibility Users may be set to finish a bit earlier than the "later" date M$ was gonna specify. The following is a quote coming from a Windows SubReddit post ( ... o_upgrade/):
" We have noticed that there are a lot of threads and articles lately regarding using a link for those requiring assistive technologies to upgrade to Windows 10 after July 29th, 2016. (I am deliberately not linking to it for reasons that will become obvious).

There is some misinformation surrounding it. First and foremost, it is incorrect to state that using keyboard shortcuts such as "control+c" counts as using an assistive technology and therefore entitles you to upgrade. Microsoft have informed me that the webpage being mentioned as an acceptable reason to use the tool only refers to an example of ways to make Windows more accessible, but that is not classified as using an assistive technology that allows you to legitimately upgrade this way.

Assistive technologies are for those with disabilities and who cannot use a computer in a conventional manner (e.g. narrators for the blind, eye tracking machines for those unable to move a mouse, suck and puff machines, etc). Unless you use those, please do not use the link floating about to late upgrade.

As it stands, that method of upgrading is based on an honor rule. However, having spoken with MS earlier today, they inform me that within the next couple of weeks that webpage and tool will be removed and instead require you to contact MS support directly to upgrade this way. This is being done, to, (direct quote) "stop people who are currently abusing the tool".

If you wish to hear this information directly, please contact the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk

Please do not use the "Assistive Technologies" webpage tool to late upgrade to Windows 10 if you have missed the free upgrade offer. It is only for those with disabilities, and is being changed soon to prevent abuse of the system."

As of right now, it's still possible to use the loophole to continue to upgrade to 10 for free. The deadline is still currently unknown as of now (M$ will eventually reveal the deadline when set). This is now your opportunity to keep upgrading to 10 to eXPerience the difference and discover the Best o' the Best the new OS has to offer!

Also I am wondering if any copy of 10 upgraded after the deadline will become not genuine?
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Re: Windows 10 Accessability Upgrade loophole ends soon

Post by meagain »

Damn it this is annoying. Come on MS let us continue to upgrade for free! It's not really causing them any loss and to be honest I don't think many people would pay the $119 or whatever to upgrade now.

I guess I'll go back to *ahem* fake KMS *ahem* for newer PCs but for selling stuff on that has to be activated legit this is going to be annoying. Unless I'm overlooking something and using a Windows 7 key in the 10 installer still works?

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Re: Windows 10 Accessability Upgrade loophole ends soon

Post by The Distractor »

Removed pointless poll.

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Re: Windows 10 Accessability Upgrade loophole ends soon

Post by Wheatley »

meagain wrote:Damn it this is annoying. Come on MS let us upgrade for free!
They did. For 1 year.
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Re: Windows 10 Accessability Upgrade loophole ends soon

Post by Drapy »

They said they will end in June 29. But the date itself expanded.
That's chaos. I disagree. I upgraded my Samsung Laptop to Windows 10 system in 2015. It worked. Now they are still upgrading.
Nope, I'm back on the same old account.

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