Windows 10 PC Build 14901 released to Insiders

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Windows 10 PC Build 14901 released to Insiders

Post by Courage » ... 01-for-pc/

Not really a remarkable build, minus it being the first RS2 Insider build.

New features:

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Improving Product Education: As part of an effort to explore new ways of educating our customers on features in Windows 10 – we are testing out new notifications within File Explorer. They’re designed to help customers by providing quick, easy information about things they can do or new features they can try to have a better experience with Windows 10. If you want to opt out of these notifications, you can do so by unchecking ‘Show sync provider notifications’ from the Options menu in the File Explorer View tab.
Known bugs:

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*Support for kernel debugging over 1394 has been removed, but will be available in an upcoming kit release. A work-around will be posted to the Debugging Tools for Windows Blog shortly.
*Adobe Acrobat Reader crashes when you try to launch it.

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Re: Windows 10 PC Build 14901 released to Insiders

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So far only Professional x86 made it to the public, it's been added to the FTP.

Edit: Added a few more to the FTP, some are still missing though...
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