iPhone clone - USD$239 unlocked.

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iPhone clone - USD$239 unlocked.

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iPhone clone - USD$239 unlocked.

What device has a 3.5" touch keypad, WAP browsing, SMS, MMS, voicemail, cell broadcast, video capture, photo viewing, speaker phone, bluetooth, supports MP3s and MP4s and can record phone calls... oh yeah, and comes unlocked at $239 USD? The HiPhone.

This is the ultimate iPhone clone, however get yours quick, because it appears to be a direct copy of Apple's iPhone.


Full Specs
Main features at a glance:

1. 3.5" big screen that supports finger touch and no keypad, touch pen needed.
2. Dual SIM slots that holds two SIM chips and supports SIM card switching.
3. Triband GSM 900/1800/1900MHz that supports USA GSM standard.
4. Web addresses entering; web browsing, WAP setting, web address management.
5. Unlocked to any major network carrier.
6. SMS, MMS, voicemail and cell broadcast
7. MP3, MP4, file playing, recording, phone call recording.
8. Capturing, video capturing, photo viewing, playing
9. Hands free speaker phone. 3D sound.
10. Bluetooth supported.
11. TF card supported.
12. Diversified screen switch
13. One-Key return
14. Automatic screen rotation

Accessories: 2 batteries, Charger, USB Cable, Earphone, 512M T-Flash Card, User Manual, Phone Cover.


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Why cant it wait a few weeks, so I can hopefully get the job I applied for, then get paid for working, so I could buy this?