Zeta 1.21

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Zeta 1.21

Post by RentedMule »

Magnussoft's (Previously YellowTab) Zeta 1.21 is now released. Get more information about it at http://www.zeta-os.com/cms/custom/zeta/indexe.php

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Post by ___ »

someone want to up some screenshots to the Build Screenshots page?


Post by dajar »

anyone has the final or beta versions of 1.21?

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Post by blahsucks-two »

I downloaded 1.2, and it is oversized (784MB or so, if I recall correctly). Because I'm too cheap to buy overburn discs, it'll have to wait until I can get it installed onto a partition through VMWare or VPC.

Anyway, is the new release the same way?

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Post by dirtwarrior »

It will fit on a standard cd