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 PostPost subject: Noobz, C+D release Pandora's Battery-unbricker for all PSPs        Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 8:06 pm 
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Thu Aug 31, 2006 2:45 pm



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All for one, and one for all. A project promulgated under the collective Noobz - more officially branded as N00bz! - has given birth to another monumental development in homebrew: a PSP unbricker for every Sony PlayStation Portable. In short summary, it would perform the following:

1. You run a program on a homebrew-enabled PSP that will convert a standard PSP battery into a jigkick battery. Note that you can't then use that battery normally - so you should use a spare one.
2. You run a program to generate the unbricker memory stick image, built from the v1.5 update EBOOT (note that this, and the custom IPL, means the release is completely free of Sony copyright materials).
3. You run some programs on a PC to install the image to your memory stick.

Earlier, Fanjita announced that Noobz and C+D developers would release an unbricker for bricked PSPs as a result of a "faulty decryption algorithm," but the C+D devs thought they could do even better. Chalking up another feat to the Prometheus project, C+D created an unbricker for all PSPs, even without accessing the official software or hardware. But in essence, the feat wouldn't have made successful waves if the the following victories hadn't made ripples to start with:

* Reverse engineering of the service (unbrick) mode
* Development of a technique to change an ordinary battery into a service mode trigger battery (and back)
* Development of custom IPL code along with a technique to sign that code as authentic

Of course, similar to a few CFW releases before, the unbricker was leaked before it was officially released, and C+D has yet to tie down the reasons for the leak. What was important to mention, however, is that the unbricker is completely free, and some people have tried to gain profits from the leaked unbricker over several websites around the world. Yet again, the early release of the unbricker was necessary, even if it was originally planned to unravel at the release of the PSP Slim.

Noobz salutes the members of the Prometheus project, namely Adrahil, Booster, Cswindle, Dark_AleX , Ditlew, Fanjita, Joek2100, Jim, Mathieulh, Nem, Psp250, Skylark, and TyRaNiD - who should also be recognized in their Create and Destroy (C+D) identities as follows:

* Mathieulh = WiseFellow
* Tyranid = bockscar
* Fanjita = FullerMonty
* Joek = CosmicOverSoul
* Dark_Alex = Malyot
* Chris = Caretaker
* Adrahil = VoidPointer
* nem = h1ckeyph0rce

Just as Noobz warns, please take care to read the file's readme for the instructions. Failure to do so will cause degrees of risk to your PSP.

Thanks to demologik, EXTER, and MozyMan for the tip off!

Download: Pandora's Battery
Donate: N00bz!

Source: PSPUpdates

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 PostPost subject:        Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 10:55 pm 
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Tue Jun 19, 2007 5:55 pm



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This will be great for the homebrew community, they can now unbrick PSP's after failed development and downgrades!

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