First open source Java code promised for October

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First open source Java code promised for October

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First open source Java code promised for October

Sun Microsystems plans to publish the first open source Java code by October this year, the
company has revealed. Laurie Tolson, vice president of developer programmes and products at
Sun, said at a company event that the first components include Java C and the Hotspot VM. The
remainder of the code will be open sourced by the end of 2007.

Sun first announced that it would release the Java source code under an open source licence at
JavaOne in May. The company is still considering the licence under which it will release the
technology, and has launched a special website, Open Sourcing the JDK, soliciting feedback from

"Our primary focus is to be compatible, putting programmes in place that people can rely on for
compatible implementations of Java," said Tolson. Sun has also expanded its open source Java
initiative with the Java ME technology that allows mobile phones to run Java code. It has not been
made clear whether the mobile version of Java would be included in the open source initiative.

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