Windows Home Server Released To Manufacturing

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Windows Home Server Released To Manufacturing

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The RTM build of Windows Home Server has been built. There are two versions that are on their way to the hardware partners: both the normal OEM version (like we will be able to buy pretty soon) as well as a 120-day evaluation copy (much like Server 2003).

Read all about it here!

There's also an interesting bit in the blog post about why it was codenamed Q / Quattro. This is the fourth attempt at a home server. Interestingly one attempt was codenamed Bedrock, and was shown at the 2000 CES.
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Post by empireum »

If this evaluation copy is offered for download, I might give it a try to see what MS have made out of this.

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I tested this when it was in beta stage I cannot wait to get my hand on the final product

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An MS product made on time? OMG!
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Its quite good..

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I tested the last RC from Microsoft Connect, its extremly cute, and even tho that i have a couple of win2k3 enterprise servers running, i am still considering setting up a permanent WHS, mainly because the ease of use, going to install a new version here later and see how it interacts with Longhorn 4079.. (it has this kind of a client that you install, the client handles backup of the machine and so on)

Anyone else tryed it ?

// Leon

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Post by Jeff »

I may buy a WHS... It would be my first HP-Built computer! (I always build my own)