BencHTools v3.2.0 Released

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BencHTools v3.2.0 Released

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What is BencHTools? (also known as BHT)

It is a free anti-malware and computer repair toolkit, created and maintained for free by myself, released onto the net once every few months.

What is so great about BHT?

It's an all-in-one collection of some of the best anti-malware and anti-virus tools. Here's a list of all the stuff that it comes with: ... view&id=57 .

Download: ... [2MB, Zip] - Extract to a directory on your computer (Such as C:\BHT\), and run UniUpdate.cmd (Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista ONLY). Select option 1, and wait a while - it will auto-download ~220MB worth of data. Once finished, it will return you to the main menu.

Please post whatever comments or questions you may have about BHT. It is in constant development, and is due for some re-development in the next few months.

Official Website: