PSP Earth 0.5 announcement and teaser video

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PSP Earth 0.5 announcement and teaser video

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The homebrew application PSP Earth has a lot of potential and its owner mat_dizzy just promised to show just that when he finally release v0.5 next week. Before the juicy part though, for those not in the know, PSP Earth has the ability to give PSP owners webcam access through the world via the handheld's wireless Internet capabilities.

Anyway, mat_dizzy mentioned that PSP Earth is slowly becoming a true software in itself rather than a website because of the many improvements being developed for it. The following rough changelog was provided by the dev himself:

* Auto Connect - PSP Earth will automatically connect you to the internet so theres no need for you to have to do it yourself!
* More Webcams - 30+ Webcam Streams
* Brand New GUI - Passport to ***** Style Interface

matt_dizzy is currently busy with his exams but he said that he will give his full attention to this project once all the exams are over next week. For now, you can check out the video. No footage though, just an ad =(

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