DOJ Pushes Microsoft to Produce Vista SP1 in '07.

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DOJ Pushes Microsoft to Produce Vista SP1 in '07.

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It's unusual, but confirmation of the availability of Windows Vista's first
service pack came Tuesday not from Microsoft Corp., but from the U.S.
Department of Justice.

Tucked into the government's 27-page joint status settlement report
released late Tuesday was evidence that Microsoft will put the beta of
Vista SP1 into users' hands before the end of the year. The report also
confirmed Windows XP SP3, but did not specify beta or final release
dates, although it said some code would be finalized this summer.

Microsoft has been loath to talk about either service pack, but has been
particularly mum about Windows Vista SP1, a widely-anticipated bug
update that some enterprise users are waiting on before deploying the
new operating system.

As recently as April, when Intel Corp.'s CEO Paul Otellini hinted that Vista
SP1 would likely release in October or November, Microsoft refused to
confirm any schedule. "We will continue to take customer feedback from
programs like the TAP [Technology Adoption Program], and will
ultimately determine an official delivery date as the service pack is
nearer to completion," a company spokeswoman said at the time.

In the compromise struck between Microsoft and state and federal
antitrust regulators, the company must make changes to Vista's desktop
search tool so users and OEMs can pick a default search and indexing
program to replace Vista's baked-in software for running Start menu
searches. The user- or OEM-selected default must also be an option in
searches initiated from Windows Explorer or the Control Panel.

"Microsoft will deliver the required changes in Service Pack 1 of Windows
Vista, which Microsoft currently anticipates will be available in beta form
by the end of the year," the report stated twice, albeit in slightly-different
phrasing each time.

The changes to Vista's desktop search were prompted by a complaint
filed by Google, Inc. in late 2006. That complaint accused Microsoft of
designing Vista to discourage users from running other developers'
indexing and search software. Specifically, Google charged that turning
off Vista's desktop search was too difficult for many users, and that with
two indexers running -- Microsoft's and Google's, presumably -- PC
performance suffered, a side-effect Google said convinced some users
not to run its Desktop search application.

Microsoft will be held to its promise to deliver the search changes, the
report hinted. "Plaintiffs are collectively satisfied that this agreement will
resolve any issues the complaint may raise, provided that Microsoft
implements it as promised," regulators said.

On another note, it looks as though Service pack 3 for XP is closer
than we think..

Windows XP SP3 also gets a mention in the status report. In earlier
updates filed with Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, who oversees the 2002
consent decree, Microsoft was ordered to make changes to Windows XP,
an OEM pre-installation kit, and other software, including Internet
Explorer. "Nearly all outstanding issues have been resolved and the
remaining issues will be addressed in the coming weeks," the report said.

According to the May 2006 status update, the government's technical
committee was still discussing with Microsoft changes to XP's "Set
Program Access and Defaults" feature, a tool that lets users choose
default programs for browsing, e-mailing, instant messaging, and playing CDs.

Although Microsoft confirmed plans to crank out a Windows XP SP3 as
long ago as October 2005, it recently reiterated that it wouldn't release
the update until sometime in the first half of 2008. The XP modifications
mandated by the technical committee, however, are to be finished this

"The Windows XP changes will be incorporated into SP3 for Windows XP,"
said the report. The changes to the code will be available for review by
the TC this summer... [and] the changes... will remain in the final release of SP3."


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